Why Lent?


Christians around the world know that this past Wednesday we entered into the season of Lent. It all begins each year with Ash Wednesday.

Lent comes from the Dutch word Lente, meaning “Spring” (I think there’s some German background in there as well). It’s a 40-day season (not counting Sundays) centered around a time of examining our lives, repentance, and fasting. We do this as we remember Christ’s own 40-day period in the wilderness.

In all, Lent culminates with the weekend of Good Friday, Silent Saturday, and then Resurrection Sunday (Mar 30 – Apr 1 this year).

But many people may ask why we participate in Lent? It seems so stuffy and religious, so outdated. So why participate in it? Continue reading


2017 Advent Reflections 3

In light of my book, Reflections of Immanuel, being released in time for Advent 2018, here are some brief reflections on Jesus being the most tangible expression of God with us.

What does that tangibility look like?

Weekly Ponderings & Links: 12/17/17

I’m a day late to this past week’s “ponderings and links,” but as they say, “Better late than never.” (At least that’s what I say to my students.)

Here are my “Weekly Ponderings & Links” for Sunday, December 17, 2017. Continue reading


2017 Advent Reflections 2

Continuing with my Advent video series, I’m asking varying people what special things they participate in during the Advent season. Here are some brief thoughts from a friend of mine.


2017 Advent Reflections

We just entered the Advent season yesterday. It actually begins the new year for the church.

Here are some short reflections as we enter the church’s new year.