Come Sunday

come sunday

Last week I watched the recently released film, Come Sunday, on Netflix. The movie is about COGIC bishop, Carlton Pearson’s, slow but sure movement toward what is identified as universal reconciliation.

What is universal reconciliation? Continue reading


Mission & Creativity


This week, in my Missional Life class, I’m covering the topic of mission and creativity.

My class is filled with many creative artists who sense a call to impact their world with their musical craft. They are on a missionally creative journey. Continue reading

Muslim Followers of Isa (Jesus)?


Each Spring semester in my Missional Life course, we have some sessions around the concept of inculturation (a more fancy word for contextualization) and this leads us to look at engaging with those of other religions.

My sense is that, especially as evangelicals, we easily find our identity in what we are against rather than what (or who) we are for. I believe this easily pushes us to move with hostility toward others who aren’t like us, rather than move toward them with hospitality. Continue reading