Is the Enneagram Demonic?

Many of you know that I do work with the Enneagram in my spiritual direction coaching practice. Matter of fact, I have a workshop entitled the Enneagram and Spiritual Formation that I’m leading on Saturday, February 4 (more at this link). With that, I engage with all sorts of claims about the evil, demonic, and occult background of the Enneagram. I have emails from varying Christian counselors and coaches declaring its evil origins.

In a more recent social media post, popular Christian author, poet and artist, Jackie Hill Perry, renounced the Enneagram as demonic. You can see her own video below.

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Reflections of Immanuel – Advent 2022

The beginning of Advent is just around the corner, the time in which we remember that God is with us, Immanuel, whether we are in a season of joy or deep pain. For a copy of my Advent book for only $12 (that’s 30% off), complete the form here. 🌟🕯️📖

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May the church walk out this ancient story together.

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From the Dust Documentary

From the Dust is a feature-length documentary film from Highway Media and The BioLogos Foundation tackling some of the most important questions in the science-faith dialogue. This topic intrigues me greatly, not so much from the scientific standpoint (biological, geological, etc), but from a theological standpoint. I enjoy thinking through the theo-philosophical points that must be considered in light of a universe that is conceivably 13.82 billion year-old.

This film has just become available for both rental and purchase via iTunes. You can see the trailer at the end of this post. Here is a short summary of the 1-hour 7-minute film:

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