The Gift of Play

football outside

Today I’ve been reading about the gift of play, particularly as it relates to spiritual formation. There are the practices of Sabbath, prayer, work, exercise, study, meditation . . . and play.

It seems quite the odd concept to read about in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. In this time, play may seem, at best, something we should merely hope for in the future and, at worst, something we end up despising in the midst of carrying so much added responsibility.

I can pray and work. But play? Continue reading

Creating Simple Rhythms in the Midst of Disorder

blue book on brown wooden board

Yesterday I wrote about a simple practice that can help in this time. It’s called the 5-3-1.

In this most challenging of times we find ourselves, I do believe it is important to create little rhythms in our lives. Small rhythms, simple rhythms (personal liturgy, if you will). Continue reading

Books That Compel Us to Return


There are books that you read and, when finished, place back on the shelf to never again pick up.

There are books you read, find great enjoyment in them, and maybe have even sensed the words of impact upon the pages. Even as they sit upon the shelf, a glimpse at their spine reminds you of the lasting significance of those words.

Then there are books that you read, possibly shedding a tear or closing your eyes to soak in the content, sensing the voice of God himself ringing through the pages, but even more……you know you will, you must, dust off these works, returning to them again and again to feed upon the treasure at hand. To not do so would be considered a personal tragedy of the gravest kind.

One such book for me is Thomas Kelly’s A Testament of Devotion. It has had such an impact on my life for 12 years now, so much so that I listed it as one of the top 10 books that has impacted my life. I shall never be able to rid myself of this little work. Continue reading

A Fast Teaching on Fasting

Last Sunday, 19 February, in preparation for Lent, I gave a short teaching on the topic of fasting. It was good to be refreshed in the purpose and foundation of a spiritual discipline like fasting.

If interested, you can listen below, or download from our podcast or iTunes.

Here are my notes as well: A Fast Teaching on Fasting – 19 Feb 2012