Best Photographer in Brussels

CLP LogoI might be biased about a few things. But only a few things.

One of them is my family. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful boys. Trust me!

My wife is a photographer. We have an in-home studio and she focuses mainly on photo sessions with families. The descriptive line of her photo business is: From belly to baby & beyond. That gives a pretty sufficient explanation of her style of photography.

She also enjoys on-location sessions – especially outdoors at some of the beautiful treasures around Belgium. And there are some really nice outdoor settings in our neighbourhood as well.

Today she went on a mummy date with our boys, one in the early afternoon and one in the late afternoon. The plan was to take photos of them, to get a little practise in, while also playing with the boys.

Below are some of the images, which I think are simply spectacular. Hence, the unbiased claim of ‘best photographer in Brussels’. 🙂 If interested, you can visit her website and Like her Facebook page. Continue reading