Return from Zambia

Yesterday, I returned from my trip out to be with our ministry friends and to teach at Hope College in Lusaka, Zambia. I tried to explain to the Zambians and Zimbabweans that I would be more blessed than be a blessing. I only hope they understand the truth of that statement. This is a wonderful time for Africa, and other developing areas of the world, to help us move forward into the purposes of God for the 21st century. I only hope we can receive in the west.

If interested, I am posting my teaching notes here. These notes are an introduction to Genesis, hermeneutics and biblical themes beginning in Genesis.

PDF document: Genesis & Bible Themes

The Book of Isaiah

I recently passed along my notes on the book of Isaiah to someone and, so, I thought I might post a PDF document of the notes I put together about 4 years ago from when I taught Old Testament studies at a ministry-theology college. Isaiah’s words are long and, thus, this document is 70 pages. But feel free to download and utilise if you would like. I, of course, mention many other resources to us.

Click on the link to download the file: Book of Isaiah