Monday Music – Spacehog

spacehogIn the past, I have tried a regular Monday morning practice of posting up a song from the 1980’s, in particular, one that I personally enjoy. I’m going to try and pick up that practice again, but this time it will include various songs from both the 1980’s and 1990’s. There’s so much good stuff from the 2 decades that cover the formative years of my life as a young boy and teenager. Hence, my desire to focus on a 20-year period.

Today’s Monday Music comes from the British glam rock band, Spacehog. The single comes from their album Resident Alien and it’s entitled In the Meantime. This album hit the radio waves in 1995, the year I turned 16.

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The Soundtrack of Life

I’ve written about this subject before, but I was taken back to the concept recently as I was driving down the road.

You know our favorite movies – maybe The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Gladiator, maybe Inception or Star Wars, maybe Pride & Prejudice. And there are a host of others. One of the special things about these movies are the soundtracks, the music, the songs. Memorable, stirring music that invites us into the story. We are outside the narrative story within a particular movie. However, when particular songs start playing (like when the fellowship first leaves Rivendell), something makes me want to jump through the screen and join Frodo and Samwise. Continue reading

Switchfoot Show in Memphis (Video)

switchfoot banner

Last night, I headed out to Minglewood Hall in midtown Memphis to catch the Switchfoot show. The last time I saw Switchfoot live was in early 2001, when they and Relient K opened up for the OC Supertones! It’s been a long time. Thus, I was looking forward with much anticipation to the concert.

I tell you there was no [beautiful] letdown at all! It was a superb show – maybe the best I’ve been to in my entire life. I realize I don’t have the two most recent albums (Vice Versa and Fading West), but I enjoyed it all – newer songs, as well as some of the “oldies.”

Below is a video of some of the songs from last night’s concert. Enjoy! Continue reading