Why Do This Thing Called Lent?


Today begins the season of Lent.

It’s a time set in the church’s liturgical calendar to draw near to the Lord through reflective prayer, meditation and fasting.

It’s a time to recognize wilderness.

But why do we enter this season?
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Time for Space

woodsThe church is in the season of Lent. It’s usually centered in prayerful reflection, meditation, fasting, and varying spiritual disciplines to bring about the death not just to self, but the community of Christ.

Personally, it’s been hard to focus during this time of Lent. As normal, things get busy on varying levels. I am no person privy to busy-ness. We’re bent on leading what we might call “pinball” lives – bouncing from one thing to the next. And such has been descriptive of my life. Continue reading

Reflections As We Prepare for Lent

Lent logoToday is Ash Wednesday, a day that begins the period in the church calendar known as Lent.

As a younger Christian, I did not respect much of the older church “traditions,” for they seemed dead to me. And, no doubt, some of them can be. But I’ve found the rituals (or rhythms) of the traditional (or historic) church to be very helpful in our present-day, including my own walk with God.

Hence, my appreciation now for Lent.

Lent is a time marked out by the church to focus on reflective prayer and different avenues of fasting, all to prepare for remembering the death of Christ on the cross and his overcoming death through resurrection. The cross, the upside-down, unique way in which the power and wisdom of God are expressed. Christ’s walking out of the grave, showing himself as the conquering one over the final enemy, death. Continue reading