The American Liturgy On Display

superbowl 50

Americans have a liturgy.

Matter of fact, today is a major marker in the liturgical calendar of the American story. We call it the Super Bowl. In fact, this is the 50th annual premier football event, holding a most dear place within the American liturgical calendar.

But what is liturgy?
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College Football Begins

This weekend (or this week), American college football kicks off its season. My alma mater, and hometown team, the Memphis Tigers, got routed on Thursday by #20 ranked Mississippi State (my brother-in-law’s team). The score: 59-14. Ouch! I hope we can pull off a better season than last year’s 1-11 record.

I must admit, I love college sports, mainly the two big ones of football and basketball. There is not too much like it in the sporting world (at least the American sporting world). And I miss it dearly living in Belgium, though there are other good trade in’s for it. Still I miss it greatly. Continue reading