The Shack to Be Made Into a Film


Recently the news came out that, The Shack, mega-selling book by author William Paul Young, is being made into a film. The release date looks to be projected for some time in 2016.

If you will remember, with the release of this book in 2008, it caused quite the split-decision amongst evangelicals. The response was comparable to Marmite (if you’re British you’ll understand that reference). People generally either hated it or loved it.

But the book has gone on to sell 10+ million copies. Continue reading

Sycamore Row – by John Grisham

Sycamore_Row_-_cover_art_of_hardcover_book_by_John_GrishamThis past weekend, I completed John Grisham’s most recent novel, Sycamore Row. I’ve read all his books (except for a couple of the children’s novels). This was truly an enjoyable read, mainly for 3 reasons:

1) I hadn’t read a fiction novel in a few month’s time, with my head mainly stuck in theology.

2) The book takes you back to where Grisham’s novels all began: the 1980’s in Clanton, Mississippi. Specifically it connects back to his first published novel, A Time to Kill.

3) For me, the book had a good, emotion-evoking end.

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William Paul Young’s New Book: Cross Roads

imagesRecently, now that it’s been a few years following the great debates over the controversial fiction work, The Shack, I decided to re-read the book once again. Doing such can give fresh perspective, especially knowing the emotional charge has moved on.

I appreciated the opportunity to read it once again. A few years back, after reading it the first time, I gave The Shack a positive review overall (my reviews: article 1, article 2, article 3). Going back, I can see some of the theological challenges that some felt were unhelpful. Still, I think more than anything, the book accomplished 2 major points: a) to break down some of the boxes and barriers of our theology concerning our infinite God and b) laid out a beautiful picture of the relational nature of the Trinity amongst themselves and their desire for such relationship with humanity.

Now, some 5 years after the release of The Shack, William Paul Young has come out with a second title: Cross Roads. Continue reading

Inheritance Cycle

I’m just finishing up an intense fiction-epic series known as The Inheritance Cycle, a 4-book sequence of 2800+ pages authored by Christopher Paolini. It’s in the vein of something like the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. I love fantasy fiction and so I was easily drawn into this series.

There was one beautiful little section I wanted to quote here, which gives insight into the series, but also speaks into some of the things worth considering with regards to the perspective of the ancient Hebrews-Jews who crafted the Scriptures.

Here is a little background to the characters referred to in the section I shall quote:

  • Eragon is the main character, a young boy coming from a small town in the greater land of Alagaësia, but who has now grown into a brave dragon rider.
  • Saphira is Eragon’s dragon. Saphira communicates via her mind, since dragons cannot officially talk, though Eragon can communicate via both spoken words and mind.
  • Glaedr is a very old and wise dragon who was killed in an earlier battle, but his spirit or essence has lived on and can communicate via the mind as well.

And now to the selection from the book: Continue reading

The Man of Antivia (Part 1)

I not only enjoy writing on theological-biblical-spiritual matters, but I also long to one day write more in the fiction genre as well. I hope to post this series in the coming weeks and months.

Deeply embedded within the forest of Antivia, there was one who lived isolated from the rest of those in the land of Thorenfield. No one knew exactly where he lived within that vast forest. And most had never seen him face to face, aside from only a handful. But they say, if you listen closely enough, tune your ears just after dusk as the sun has fallen below the horizon, one may be able to hear his haunting screams…‘Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee!’

Yorund woke from his sleep, startled, groggy. ‘Huh, huh, whaaat?’ Continue reading