Coronavirus and Fear


No one is now unaware of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). It has personally reminded me of the early 1990s with the HIV virus outbreak (which can lead to AIDS). There was a lot of fear, anxiety, and hysteria. The average person didn’t know what we were dealing with and how to protect oneself. Could it be passed through kissing or by sitting on a toilet that had been used by someone with the virus. But I think the response to the most recent Coronavirus outbreak is even more heightened as we live within the digital and social media worlds of today. There is a lot of info at our fingertips, which includes a lot of info from amateurs or worse. The Lord knows we need wisdom in this time.

In an effort to help people in this period, I have seen some Christians and pastors posting about fear. They are encouraging people not to fear. Not so much a chiding of others, though some perhaps. Yet the reminder I am seeing is that fear should not be a part of the Christian life. Or, even more, that fear is the opposite of faith.

As I read in one recent post, it carried an evocative message, coupled with multiple Bible verses about not fearing. And while I think there was some good food for thought, I still believe it was missing something. It had me pondering some things that I have learned about fear over the past few years. And, so, here are a few thoughts to consider about the gift of fear.

That’s right, I said the gift of fear. Continue reading