The Voting Option that Really Is an Option

I used to have a podcast entitled, The Prodigal Thought Podcast, lo and behold. Perhaps one day that will come back to life.

But I thought I’d try something new and different with a video podcast today. I might keep going with this.

Today I offer some thoughts on the election (yeah, I know, everyone is doing that). However, I offer thoughts that aren’t usually brought to the table – a voting option that is a real option. Continue reading

Paradigm Shift – Election Campaigning

I read something posted by a friend this morning that got me thinking:

What if the 100’s of millions of dollars (maybe 1 billion plus) spent on election campaigning had been utilised to help the poor and disadvantaged?

What would have happened? Would we have had a paradigm shift in American perspective?

Maybe if we start now, we could see some kind of change in 2016. Just maybe…