The Everything Syndrome

There’s a problem within the evangelical church that I’ve noticed over the years, one that I might call the “everything syndrome.”

What do I mean by this?

Let me give you three examples of the everything syndrome. Continue reading


Why Do This Thing Called Lent?


Today begins the season of Lent.

It’s a time set in the church’s liturgical calendar to draw near to the Lord through reflective prayer, meditation and fasting.

It’s a time to recognize wilderness.

But why do we enter this season?
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A Lamb Shows Up


Across Revelation 4 and 5, we are given a most unique picture of the throne of God and its surroundings. The imagery is exquisite in description and it’s all connected back to how the prophets of old had described it – particularly Ezekiel (see Ezekiel 1). However, the interesting thing to note in John’s vision in Revelation is that, in chapter 5, we are now told that there is a Lamb. The scenery has changed just a bit. Continue reading

Advent: Hope


The season of Advent has begun; it’s the official new year of the church calendar. This year I’m honestly filled with anticipation and hope.

Last night in our home, we set up an Advent wreath of sorts. We shared with our boys the story behind the colorful setting. There are a few different ways people approach the meaning of the colored candles surrounding the central, white Advent candle. This year, I chose for them to represent four words of life: hope, love, peace, joy. Continue reading