Individual Formation: Inaccurate Narrative

be yourself

There’s an epidemic in this country, one rampant in the west. It’s the overwhelming commitment to, even worship of, our personal individuality. Continue reading

Misconceptions About Community


I came across an article today at Relevant Magazine about the 5 misconceptions we have about community. It’s brief and written with a young adult audience in mind. But, suffice it to say, it has some points that I think many folk, especially younger folk, aren’t willing to think through about actual community.

As the article mentions, “community” is such a buzzword. Still, I’m not always certain we know what it means. At best, we think community is primarily about finding a place that makes me feel comfortable and fits my individual needs, rather than seeking a place that is primarily about transformation and me submitting my individual needs (including gifts & dreams) to the larger collective. This, I believe, should be part of the greater focus of a solid collective community.

That being said, check out the 5 misconceptions at the article. Below are some great summary words: Continue reading