Jesus Fulfilling Israel’s Story

I just finished up N.T. Wright’s newest work, God and the Authority of Scripture: How to Read the Bible Today. I hope to soon post a book review, giving some overall thoughts on the book.

But, for now, I wanted to share one particular quote that I have really appreciated in the book, which makes two major points. The passage goes like this:

He [Jesus] was, in himself, the “true Israel,” formed by scripture, bringing the Kingdom to birth. When he spoke of the scripture needing to be fulfilled (e.g., Mark 14:49), he was not simply envisaging himself doing a few scattered and random acts which corresponded to various distant and detached prophetic sayings; he was thinking of the entire storyline at last coming to fruition, and of an entire world of hints and shadows now coming to plain statement and full light. This, I take it, is the deep meaning of sayings like Matthew 5:17-18, where Jesus insists that he has come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. (p42)

There are two points to note from these words above: Continue reading