The Myth of Redemptive Violence

belgian flag

Today, yet another violent attack reigned down in our world, one to which ISIS lays claim. Perhaps this was retaliation for the Belgian police’s capture of Salah Abdeslam this past week, a major suspect in the Paris attacks from 4 months ago. However you slice it, bombs were detonated at the Zaventem-Brussels airport and the metro station of Maelbeek. The attacks left at least 30 people dead and more than 230 injured. Continue reading

Memories & the Next Step in the Journey

Well, it is now less than 2 weeks before our big move back to the States. It’s been 5 and a half years in Belgium, filled with great memories beyond description.

We’ve lived here for most of our married life (married 7 years next month) and both of our boys have been born in Belgium. It has become like home to us. As I continue to tell people, this has been as much about learning as it has been leading. I think that will be true going forward the rest of our lives.

So here are 2 short videos: the first capturing memories from our time in Belgium and the second pointing to the next step back in Memphis. Continue reading

Belgian Culture

imagesThere are many unique things found within Belgian culture. From the cuisine – such as the fries, chocolate, waffles, beer and beer-stewed beef. To the 3 main languages – Dutch, French and German. To the comics – including the Smurfs and Tin Tin.

But one thing that pervades Belgian culture is their festivals. They’re kind of like carnivals, concerts, markets and parades all wrapped up into one. Continue reading

Waterloo Chalice & Beer

In the past, I’ve shared about Belgian culture – some of the good or interesting products that come out of the land I now reside in. Most know Belgium as the land of wafels, chocolate, fries and beer. And, in true form to the small things of life that I enjoy, I posted an article about the beer here in Belgium, and particularly one of my favourite beers coming out of the Chimay Abbey.

Ever since I realised there were a lot of beers in Belgium – over 600 of them – I thought it might be interesting to try as many as I can in my time here. I don’t search out a new beer to try each and every week. And most of the time I simply stick with my favourites – Maredsous, Leffe, Chimay. But over the 4 years that I’ve now been here, I’ve had the privilege to try about 40 or so of the varying kinds of beer. I also tend to collect a bottle of each new one I try.

And, so, yesterday was a venture in trying 3 new beers that I’ve not yet had. Continue reading