Why We’re Not Called To Think Like Gollum

During the month of October, we are engaging in a series at Cornerstone on our identity in Christ – Who are we? What has God done for us and in us?

These are extremely important questions to understand.

This past Sunday, I particularly looked at Paul’s words in Romans 5:20-6:14.

Watch this short clip from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and then read on. Continue reading


Now Is The Time: It’s the Year of Jubilee

Jesus walks into a synagogue in his own hometown, Nazareth. He gets up and the reading (whether planned or spontaneous, we are not certain) comes from Isaiah 61 (with a little inter-mingling with Isaiah 58:6). We know the passage well.

Jesus follows up with maybe the shortest sermon in the history of mankind. He simply states: ‘Today this scripture is fulfilledĀ in your hearing.’

Before the cross, before the resurrection, before his enthronement next to the Father’s right hand. Right then and there, Jesus, God’s anointed Messiah, tells them this is the time. Fulfilment like they weren’t expecting. Continue reading

When Jesus Said, “It Is Finished,” The Father Said…

This past Sunday at Cornerstone, we began a series for the month September around the theme of forgiveness. I started out with the obvious one – God’s forgiveness of us. And I jumped into a passage I love, looking at 1 John 1:1-2:2.

It’s quite amazing to know that God is not only faithful, but also completely righteous to forgive us through the blood of Jesus.

Yes, that’s what it says – faithful AND righteous.

But what does it mean that he is righteous to forgive us?

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Stirring Story in Our Resurrection Sunday Gathering

Yesterday, for our Easter-Resurrection gathering at Cornerstone, we had Stephen Lungu with us. Stephen hails from Lilongwe, Malawi, and is International Director of African Enterprise.

I commend his message from yesterday, which was centred in how the reality of Christ and the resurrection powerfully changed his life. His was a kind of ‘Damascus Road’ transformation. Once a guerrilla fighter and gang leader, he shares much of his background of living on the streets from 6 years old. It all came to a head with encountering Jesus one evening when he and his gang had decided to blow up (yes, with TNT bombs) a revival tent gathering of 3000 people. His life took a major redirection that evening. Continue reading

Ben and the Sea

Recently, I mentioned about my Memphis-based friend, Jeremy Horn, and a free 6-song EP now available at NoiseTrade. He is a songwriter, penning songs that are both worshipful and catchy, making it easy to introduce into church gatherings.

Well, I gotta new one to let you know about. My Aussie-based bud, Ben Webb, who spent a year and a half here in Brussels, has just released a new (and FREE) 4-song EP on NoiseTrade as well. The name of the band is Ben and the Sea, and the name of the EP is A Life Outside.

The acoustically melodic sounds will draw you in. Check it out at NoiseTrade. Remember, it’s FREE!