First Sunday of Advent: Sacred Times

the story of god

On Sunday, we entered into a new year as the people of God. The page was turned to the season of Advent, a time of anticipation, waiting and longing for Christ to come.

At Renewal I talked through the concept of liturgy, what healthy tradition looks like, and most importantly what the church calendar is all about as we enter Advent. Continue reading

Preaching Series on Romans


My church, Renewal Memphis, is currently in a year-long series on the book of Romans. At some point, every evangelical church works through this foundational letter that Paul wrote.

In particular, I have had the opportunity to take a couple of Sundays to look at Romans 5 and then another couple of Sundays to tackle Romans 7.

Here are those 4 sermons. Continue reading

Andrew Wilson Interview with Tom Wright

Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson, blogger at Think Theology and one of the pastor-elders of King’s Church Eastbourne in England, interviewed Tom Wright last week at the Think Conference – 23rd May 2013.

During the interview, Wilson put forth varying questions about all sorts of biblical-theological issues. You can download the full interview here. Below are the questions from the session, along with time markers to help you navigate through the 42-minute interview. Continue reading

Prodigal Thought Podcast – Individualism vs Collectivism

PodcastHere we are with episode 2 at Prodigal Thought Podcast.

In this session, I discuss a topic that I recently looked at during a church leader’s gathering here in the Brussels area: there is a difference between our modern western ideas of individualism and the ancient (and non-western) perspective of collectivism.

Listen to or download the 17-minute podcast below. Continue reading