Junia, the Woman Apostle?

Junia? Who is that?

She’s a biblical character who doesn’t get much attention, really, unless one is discussing the role of women in the church. Particularly, are women allowed to be leaders (apostles, pastors, teachers, elders, etc) in the church?

Where does Junia show up in Scripture?

Romans 16:7. This is the passage:

Greet Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

That’s it.

With that, at first glance, it seems this passage is of little consequence. But as noted above, it becomes not central, but still an important discussion piece, when complementarians and egalitarians debate the role of women.

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Why It Really Matters That Apostles Exist Today

imagesWhen I write or teach, I tend to speak quite a bit of theo-babble while forgetting to consider many practical matters. And we should remember that theological talk (or babble) without practical application really doesn’t serve the body of Christ.

So I’m aware of my tendencies.

In the midst of this series on the ministry gifts spoken of in Eph 4:11-16, some might ask, What’s the point? Why does it all matter?”

Really, why does it matter? Is it really that important whether or not we believe apostles or prophets still exist today? Not to mention, if we want to hold to such a belief, we’ve got a lot of Christianity standing against such a belief. Continue reading

It Was Time For the Spirit to Be Sent

Tongue of FireYes, I continue to have the audacity to claim that apostles exist even today (post 1 and post 2). They always have and always will – at least until the people of God reach the place of unity and maturity described in Eph 4:11-16.

Again, this is all centered in the fact that Jesus is the great apostle sent by the Father to accomplish the mission of God. We must remember that Paul was not the greatest apostle to ever live. It was the divine and eternal Son. I’d probably claim that to deny this is simply folding the text of Scripture within a system, one that does not allow for certain ministries and gifts to continue. This could be practically detrimental to the health of the community of Christ.

But here lies the problem. Or maybe somewhat of a problem. Jesus is no longer here. The great apostle has ascended to the Father’s right hand and is now reigning over all. So how do we come to recognize apostolic ministry post-ascension? What does it look like today? Continue reading

Of Course, the Ministry of Jesus Continues

6.3-jesus_sends_12It’s a loaded statement to claim apostles still exist today. That’s what I claimed in yesterday’s post. But the very unique thing is that my first argument is not simply quoting 2 or 3 verses as proof, and dealing with a few verses from those who believe such a ministry would not exist today. In all, the claim that apostolic ministry continues today, I believe, should be based in Jesus – who he is, what his ministry was about.

And that’s where I ground it. It’s founded in the centre of the Christian faith – Christ himself. Think of it this way:

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The Full Christ Needed Today

christ & churchOne of my favourite passages in all of Scripture is found in Ephesians. Actually, Ephesians, though smaller as compared to other portions of Scripture, carries a very significant role in explaining some of the greater and more ‘cosmic’ concepts of the work of God. This small letter packs in much wisdom and revelation.

And one passage I really enjoy pondering is found in 4:7-16. It, too, is filled with rich aspects in regards to the purpose of God in Christ for the new covenant age that dawned so long ago. Though a bit of a lengthier passage, here are the words from the NIV: Continue reading