Weekly Ponderings & Links: 12/17/17

I’m a day late to this past week’s “ponderings and links,” but as they say, “Better late than never.” (At least that’s what I say to my students.)

Here are my “Weekly Ponderings & Links” for Sunday, December 17, 2017. Continue reading


Weekly Ponderings & Links: 12/10/17

Years ago, I would post a weekly round-up of links to varying articles and posts that had caught my attention for the week. It’s been a while, but I wanted to get back into the practice of such.

So here is my “Weekly Ponderings & Links” for Sunday, December 10, 2017. Continue reading

A Dragon Eating Jesus?


There are a lot of Advent blog posts floating around these days. Makes sense, knowing it’s the Advent season. I have joined in myself with a post on the hope of Advent. But there is one blog post in particular that seems to have caught the attention of many. It’s Chad Bird’s When a Dragon Tried to Eat Jesus: The Nativity Story We Don’t Talk About.

The post particularly considers the words of Revelation 12: Continue reading