Some Feedback for Hiring Managers

📣 Some feedback for Hiring Managers 📣

Searching for a job can be difficult, time-consuming, stressful, etc. But it can also be exciting, anticipatory, and fruitful as one searches for a new opportunity and career advancement.

Yet, here is one important thing to realize:

We put so much on the shoulders of the applicant when it comes to the job search. And, yes, that makes sense with their desire to find a new job due to whatever reason. Yet, very rarely do we think about the role of the Hiring Manager (or HR, in some cases).

Hiring Managers (and HR), we need to make the application process much smoother. Really, we do! One clear, and simple, way to do so is by listing the salary pay or range for the posted job. It’s just common courtesy.

If you don’t list at least a pay range, then it leaves applicants guessing whether they are applying for a job that can financially provide for them, and especially provide for their larger family if they have one. Yes, applicants can perhaps guess a general range (within $10K?) based upon the qualifications listed, i.e., degree credentials and experience in that field. But, to not post a pay range leaves people in the dark. It truly does.

And here is an even worse reality: When a company doesn’t list a pay range AND then asks what your salary expectation is. What?!

The applicant doesn’t know the organization’s financial situation. They don’t know if there is $35K or $65K in the budget. Not only that, but an applicant doesn’t want to overshoot because they are afraid they won’t get an interview in asking for “too high a pay” and they don’t want to undershoot because they fear that the company will then be willing to pay less so it can save money.

This is, honestly, unacceptable. And it happens quite regularly, especially in the field of higher education. Trust me, I know. I’ve been searching for new full-time jobs for the past 3+ months.

Hiring Managers, let’s do better.


A working adult with a family.


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