Enneagram Fears, Desires, Vices & Virtues

Within the Enneagram typing system, each Enneatype has what is called a core fear, core desire, vice and virtue.

In many ways, the core fear and core desire drive each type. They are what motivates us, pushes us, but these have also shaped our “false self” as we try to support our wounded inner child and navigate life.

The vice is the problem we encounter due to our deep brokenness. This vice spills out in painful ways when we are unhealthy. But our virtue is what we are longing for. We can bring this beautiful aspect into our own lives and our surroundings when we are in places of health.

What Enneatype are you? Do you relate to the core fear, core desire, vice and virtue?

Look for more details on my next Enneagram & Spiritual Formation workshop to be held on Saturday, August 27.

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