Creating Simple Rhythms in the Midst of Disorder

blue book on brown wooden board

Yesterday I wrote about a simple practice that can help in this time. It’s called the 5-3-1.

In this most challenging of times we find ourselves, I do believe it is important to create little rhythms in our lives. Small rhythms, simple rhythms (personal liturgy, if you will).

Our world has been flipped upside down in ways we never imagined and so we are all trying to (perhaps scrambling to) adapt as best we can – at home, with family, with work, in all the details of life. Many of us became homeschool teachers without much preparation. Others lost some work or our full-time job. Such trying and uncertain times. Everyone of us is in this boat in some way or another.

One way that can be helpful in bringing peace in the midst of the proverbial storm is by creating those small and simple rhythms for our lives. This will seem very challenging right now, but we have all probably started forming new rhythms or even maintaining previous rhythms. Wake up, shower, dress, eat breakfast, brush teeth – helping the kiddos do the same. But consider how we can implement and maintain other small practices that will help us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. And see if we can follow a general, daily rhythm with these small practices.

Read a Psalm each morning.
Journal a paragraph or two about what is going on inside of you.
Keep a grateful journal and record a few points each morning.
Go for a walk around the neighborhood at lunch.
Call or FaceTime a family member or friend in the afternoon.
Do something fun each evening like a board game or watch a re-run episode of America’s Funniest Videos (we need some laughter!).
Read a chapter in a novel before turning out the light at night.

There are a thousand different practices that can help us. Find 3 or 4 and see if you can do them around the same time each day. We aren’t looking for legalism – but these regular, simple rhythms each and every day can help in bringing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical order to our lives.

The photo above is from NeONBRAND – blue book on brown wooden board.

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