Turtle in the Park

turtle in park2

I came across this little guy on my morning walk in the park today.

It was so good to get out. I woke up not in a great space. Migraine forming due to knotted muscles, feeling down, feeling my fear and uncertainty.

The morning walk helped get the blood flowing and oxygen to the brain in the setting of nature.

And then I came upon this little guy.

In Matthew 6, Jesus says, “Look at the birds of the air…,” and he then goes on to teach about not being weighed down with anxiety. While the birds were chirping away today (as always), it was this guy that God used to teach me.

In that moment, I sensed God was communicating, “Look at the turtle on the ground…He’s not anxious. He’s taking a little walk down the path, then he will head over to the forest for his cup of tea and leaves (or whatever he’ll have for breakfast). He’s going to be fed. He’s going to make it. How much more valuable are you?”

In that moment, peace came upon me in a very real way. My fear was moved to trust.

I still don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But Jesus reminds us as well that tomorrow will worry about itself. We have today.

I am thankful God brought Mr. Turtle into my life this morning to teach me. 🐢

If interested, here are some other recent reflections on how I look to process anxiety in my life.

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