New Podcast Episode: Similarities Between Jesus’s Time & Our Own Time

Brewing Through the Bible

It has been a while (one year, in fact), but a new podcast episode of Brewing Through the Bible is live.

The church has recently entered the season of Epiphany, which simply means “appearing.” In it, the church will spend a good amount of time reading the Gospels, reminding ourselves of who Jesus is, what Jesus did and what Jesus said. In this episode, I consider Jesus’s appearing on the scene at the beginning of the Gospel accounts. But, even more, I try and relate some of what was going on in Jesus’s day to what is going on in our own current setting.

You can download episodes from the Brewing Through the Bible podcast site or from iTunes.

Below is the podcast episode, which you can live stream here as well.

Episode 6 – Similarities Between Jesus’s Time & Our Own Time – January 13, 2020

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