A Better Christmas Story

Spruce Tree branch on Wood Background

American culture tells us Christmas ended at midnight two days ago.

But perhaps there’s another storyline, a more inviting narrative at play.

God’s people still have ten days of remembering and celebrating together – in both small & not-so-small ways.

Our culture has passed onto us the story of consumerism (running November 1st to early January). It has also passed onto the post-holiday blues. I know, I still feel it. We’ve been trained well. Very well.

Yet God’s people have been telling a different story for a very long time. Very long.

Perhaps we can find little ways to live into that story.

I don’t say this in any holier-than-thou way. Remember, I feel what the culture has told me as well. I have gone through long years (four decades) of conditioning.

I, along with my family and church family, am now trying to refocus to live out another narrative that has been passed on to us. A beautiful, enchanting, powerful, messy, life-breathing story.

Below is a little video that explains a bit more of the twelve-day season of Christmas and the larger story of God’s people.

Consider keeping the tree up another week and a half, keep the songs of Christ’s birth playing in the background, consider a small gift for someone without or gathering with friends to eat together. Nothing spectacular, something simple – like the simple babe who came in the most unspectacular fashion.

Merry Christmas.

Photo from: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/jews-christmas

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