Preaching Series on Romans


My church, Renewal Memphis, is currently in a year-long series on the book of Romans. At some point, every evangelical church works through this foundational letter that Paul wrote.

In particular, I have had the opportunity to take a couple of Sundays to look at Romans 5 and then another couple of Sundays to tackle Romans 7.

Here are those 4 sermons.

Romans 5:1-11 – “Reconciliation to End All Reconciliations”

Romans 5:12-21 – “How Much More!”

Romans 7:1-6 – “Serving in the New Way of the Spirit”

Romans 7:7-25 – “The Jews and Law and Sin, Oh My”


5 thoughts on “Preaching Series on Romans

  1. Ah yes… my old church in the States did indeed have a preaching series on Romans. It took the pastor *six years* to get through it at the pace of one hour-long sermon per week. While he was at it, he explained the cultural and Scriptural background, the laws of hermeneutics that go into making a proper interpretation and a bunch of other stuff. And this was a church of about 900-1000 members who all came to church *because they wanted to hear that hour-long sermon on perhaps one verse of Romans*. Alas, not too long after finishing that series, he passed away from liver cancer. May James Montgomery Boice rest in peace and may God bless his memory.

    • Hi Scott – yep, the more you read about what people have written about Romans, the more difficult it gets to get your head around. It was you that put me onto the “New Perspectives” that are out there in some post you wrote some years back. Currently working through Piper’s critique of Wright’s reworking of the traditional reformation understanding – and have a copy of Wright’s response to it. I guess that’s an hour a week for the next six years …..

  2. I agree in part with your assessment of Wright’s work – at least in as much as I have so far come to understand it. I was wondering, however, whether you have taken Wright’s view concerning the crucial issue of justification, or whether critiques of it – such as in John Piper’s “The Future of Justification” have given you any pause for thought??

    My general impression of your theological journey is that you started off staunchly reformed, but have been journeying away from these traditional positions for some years now. Is that a fair assessment?

    • Hey Jonathan. Apologies for the delay in responding. I don’t get to blog so much and so never check my comments.

      I have read Piper’s work. Yes, I used to love reformed theology – or parts of it. Now, not so much. Wright has been a good voice, but there are others that have been helpful for me that are non-reformed.

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