How the Body of Christ Talks

how the body of christ talksI was first introduced to Chris Smith’s work back in 2013 when he released his little ebook, The Virtue of Dialogue. I immediately held an appreciation for his work and perspective of the Christian life.

I continued to follow his work with Slow Church in 2014, noting it was one of the top books I had read in my Christian life. Lastly, I enjoyed his Reading for the Common Good back in 2016. So, one can imagine that I was looking forward to the release of his newest work this April, How the Body of Christ Talks.

I think most of us are tired of the bickering, arguing and fighting we have experienced within the church, whether in our own local body or across church lines. Or maybe we aren’t, at least based upon what we might find on social media. But for those of us who are looking for a better way, a Christlike way, I believe this book can help forge a way forward. It provides tools for us to talk together in a healthy manner, first in the body of Christ, and then perhaps even move toward those outside the faith.

I do believe Smith is one of the great practical theologians of our day. He does not simply wax eloquent about ideas in some ivory tower; rather he truly practices in life what he preaches, or writes. For me, his work shines through as an important voice into some of the issues for the church today. That has proven no different with this newest release. His wise insights and pragmatic approach make this book digestible for Christians of all backgrounds.

I am personally looking forward to utilizing the work in a new undergraduate course I am developing entitled Conflict Resolution in Community.

Grab a copy today.

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