Rest and Recreation

Smoky Mountains

I recently read these words:

Sabbath is for rest, retreats are for reflection, vacations are for recreation, and sabbatical is for renewal.

On Saturday, my family and I headed over to spend a week in the Smoky Mountains. We’re getting to do two of the four mentioned above – rest and recreation.

They are needed. Always.

I remember when I used to over-spiritualize the Sabbath. I centered it only in Christ. Oh, I still believe Christ is the Sabbath-rest of God. But I also hold to a tangible Sabbath now. Rest is important. In years past, I may have assented to rest being important. Now I believe in a real Sabbath – fully stopping from work. It’s still a challenge, at times.

Ever notice how Genesis 1 offers the refrain: And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day?

And so on in the poetic flow of the creation account.

Evening, then morning.

I suppose if we wrote it today, we’d state the converse: And there was morning, and there was evening—the first day.

But we are not called to rest from work, but work from rest.

This is key.

Within the first few statements, we find rest at the core of holy Scripture. A weekly pattern of rest is not only set, but also a daily pattern of rest. Sabbath. It was central to the Jewish mind and body. It need remain central for God’s people.

So here we are enjoying the view each day.

Well, my kids are more thinking of a game on the tablet, Monopoly, go-karts and pancakes. But my wife and I are enjoying the rest, the recreation, the quiet, the conversations, the listening, the view, the reading and more.

I am thankful for rest.

I am grateful for recreation.

One thought on “Rest and Recreation

  1. A commandment directly from the mouth of God and the benefits to Sabbath rest is more than our minds can comprehend. It is not just a matter of ceasing physical labor but an act of worship to our God who gave it to us. He knew we would need to rest body, mind and soul. Love your post on the Sabbath and rest. Thanks.

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