Still Evangelical?

A new book hits shelves in just a few days: Still Evangelical?: Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning. I appreciate IVP sending a copy my way.

The book has multiple, respectable contributors:

  • Shane Claiborne, Red Letter Christians
  • Jim Daly, Focus on the Family
  • Mark Galli, Christianity Today
  • Lisa Sharon Harper,
  • Tom Lin, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Karen Swallow Prior, Liberty University
  • Soong-Chan Rah, North Park University
  • Robert Chao Romero, UCLA
  • Sandra Maria Van Opstal, Grace and Peace Community
  • Allen Yeh, Biola University
  • Mark Young, Denver Seminary

In particular, the book considers how evangelicalism in America is a great, broken mess – politically, socially, and theologically. Yet, the authors believe this word – evangelical – is still best in describing who they are. As the abstract offers, this is a “diverse and provocative set of perspectives and reflections from evangelical insiders who wrestle with their responses to the question of what it means to be evangelical in light of their convictions.”

I’ve shared some reflections in recent weeks of my own disillusionment with evangelicalism, especially in America. I ultimately believe what has unfolded over the past few decades are the kickings and screamings of a particular group of folk wanting to hold on to a Christendom-centered America. This group centers their understanding of the Christian faith in power, prestige, consumerism, and other such things that look very dissimilar from the Jesus of Scripture. While many hold tightly to this idea of Christianity, it is slowly slipping through their white-knuckled grip.

As it falls to the ground, my hope is something better and more beautiful arises out of the ashes.

Grab a copy of Still Evangelical? starting January 23.

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