Top Blog Posts of 2017


Here are my top blog posts of 2017, meaning these are the articles that received the most clicks.

I’ve posted the title of the article along with a small excerpt from each post. Click on the links for more details.

1) No, Your Body Is Not a Temple of the Holy Spirit: It seems easy enough to conclude that, yes, our individualbodies are each temples of the Holy Spirit. However, I believe to suggest such is to misread what Paul has actually said in his letter to the church of Corinth.

2) God, The Shack and Femininity: It feels like we all found a DeLorean time machine and traveled back in time ten years ago. In 2007, gas cost $3.38 per gallon, the first iPhone was released, and Nancy Pelosi was elected as the first female Speaker of the US Congress. But it doesn’t feel like 2007 because of any of those items. Rather, one other earth-shattering event that took place that year – at least earth-shattering for evangelical Christians – was the release of The Shack.

3) The Problem with Being Gospel-Centered: You see, particular groups have, in one way or another, hijacked the word gospel and strictly applied it to their own theological view. I find this typically happens within a new reformed, Calvinist setting. The problem is not so much reformed theology – by this I mean the problem is not with a more historic, robust reformed theology. Rather it’s with the particular new Calvinism that has arisen in the past couple of decades.

4) Is It Time for the Reformation to End?: Not only did the Protestant church become more and more fragmented, but it also learned the way of its predecessor. Whereas power once lay in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church, it was now shifting into the hands of the Protestant Church. This newly formed segment of Christianity desired its own expression of religious, social, political and cultural rule.

5) The Misapplication of Jeremiah 29:11: What we need to first realize is that Jeremiah 29:11, and most of the corpus of Scripture, is not written to individuals. One of the greatest insights we can gain in understanding Scripture is to know that, 9 out 10 times, the word you in the Bible is plural, not singular. It’s hard to note this with the English language. However, it is a simple, yet important, fact to keep in mind.

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