The Blame Game

I’ve played the blame game,
Fought real hard to keep my name
In tact.
It’s a fact.
But the blame game never won me any ears,
Nor any hearts.
It only tore us apart;
Broken, damaged, hurting.
It has never ended working.

But a man who never played that game,
Took the blame,
And the shame,
For the people;
As we sinned our sin into his body,
Hanging on a tree,
A deeply violent spree.
Tore his flesh, it was evil’s best.

But evil did not win.
Blame and shame do not have to rise again.
Life conquers over violence, death and evil.
To make us new,
Hard to believe it’s true.
I can listen, learn,
Even be wrong this turn.
I can disarm myself,
Like the one man did on the tree.
The blame game can be laid to rest.
A deep breath in my chest,
As we step into a better day.

Responsibility is on me, on us.
We can do it better.
No more blame,
No more of the same ol’ game.
‘Cause it was really dealt with,
And I’m gonna join with
Together we make a better way.
Together we are all here to stay.

I’m not playing the blame game.

Black Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter
They really do.

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