CBE: From Timothy to Creation


I appreciate the opportunity of writing a series for Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE), a group how specifically advocate for an egalitarian standpoint.

I moved from a more complementarian perspective to an egalitarian view about five years ago. I like to say that, before that shift, I was “barely” complementarian. I now believe that God’s intention, especially in light of the new creation that has broken into our world in Jesus’ death and resurrection, is for women to be in leadership of all types.

In particular, in the CBE articles, I’m looking at how I believe complementariness read a theology into the infamous 1 Timothy 2, and then subsequently read that theology back into the Genesis 1-2 account. This allows them to hold the perspective that men are to have the inherent headship/leadership role over and above women.

Check out the first two articles. I have a third coming next week.

Article 1: From Timothy to Creation: Part 1

Article 2: Women, Helpers, and Ribs: Part 2

Article 3: Women, Helpers, and Ribs: Part 3

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