Top Articles of 2015

laptop & coffee

Continuing a tradition, here are the 6 most viewed articles I posted in 2015.

1. Satan: The Disputed Worship Leader: Here I challenge the usual claim that Satan was heaven’s great worship leader.

2. Kill Consumerism or Be Killed: In this post, I challenge the consumeristic culture that still exists in much of the American evangelical church.

3. Memphis Is Midtown…or Not: I remind my Memphis friends that all of Memphis is Memphis, not just Midtown.

4. The Impact of the Eastern Orthodox Church: Due to my studies, I spent some time learning more about the Orthodox Church. Here are some reflections.

5. The Holiday We’re Not So Sure About: My annual post that looks at why Halloween is not as inherently evil as many think.

6. When We’ve Lost Our Voice: I believe our Christian engagement in the culture wars of America is futile in our world today. The same measures are simply not working. We need to forge a new way with a better voice.

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