Mapping Your Academic Career

mapping your academic careerRecently, I received a review copy of a new title that came out this year, Gary Burge’s Mapping Your Academic Career: Charting the Course of a Professor’s Life. Burge is Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

Thanks to IVP for sending the copy!

Now I am keenly aware this won’t be a book to sell many copies in the popular market. But anyone involved in academia, and particularly Christian academic settings, this book can provide some helpful insights for one’s career as a professor.

In this 120-page book, Dr. Burge’s ultimate goal is to provide a way to prepare faculty within the academy for a positive and successful career over their years within the academic institutions. In particular, he maps the academic career through 3 cohorts, or stages, that he sees existing within our academic life. Those 3 stages of development can be see in the chart below.

burge chart

In addressing these 3 stages, Burge answers questions that he sees as pertinent to each stage, ones that we are all asking as we move towards security, success, and significance.

Here lies a short and easy-to-read book about how academicians can thrive in the academy. Thanks to Dr. Burge and IVP.


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