Brennan Manning Movie

brennan manning movie

It was recently announced that a movie will be made about the life of Brennan Manning, author and spiritual leader famously known for his work, The Ragamuffin Gospel. Manning passed away in April of 2013. David Leo Schultz, director of the Rich Mullins’ film, Ragamuffin, is taking up this new project on Brennan Manning.

As an aside, if you have not seen the Ragamuffin movie – which is available on Netflix – then I would recommend you watch it. And if you are a Christian and a musician, but have not yet seen the film, I implore you to watch the film. It was a powerful story, one that brought tears to my eyes a few times throughout.

Knowing the story of Rich Mullins life, of which Brennan Manning was a part, I am looking forward to the completion of this Brennan Manning film.

The film is currently raising funds for the project via Go Fund Me. Thus far, they have raised $10k of the $50k goal.

Here is director, David Leo Schultz, sharing about the movie.


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