When All Around Is Falling


When all around is falling, you think it must be your time;
To feel the pain of others, it must be the clock has chimed.
Drawing you in with a scent that seems so sweet;
You never taste the smell that drowns you in the deep.

Darkness surrounds, a veil so thick that eye cannot see;
Beyond the pattern and fabric of who we can truly be.
Memory builds on memory upon the cobble-stoned lane,
Imperfect pictures continue as devastation pours like rain.

Where are you, oh friend? I’m desperate to wrap myself in you;
Letting it all disappear like magic, expecting that is my paid due.

When all around is falling, you glimpse the hope just one more time;
To see a space remains in the formation of another line.
A glance over the shoulder, the pain encrusted ’round life’s own shell,
But taking just one more step, even when you travel on broken stairwell.

Heaven invades, a cloud that’s taken on flesh and bone;
Bringing beyond the shadow of hardened flint and cold stone.
I lay down thought of what once I used to be;
A new and different mosaic, a flood to wash on restful sea.

Where are you, oh friend? There, I see you break upon the bow;
I’m ready to take a step, forgetting then and accepting now.

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