Embarking on a 1,349-Day Journey


Today was somewhat significant for me. I’m headed on a new journey. A journey I’ve been wanting to walk for some time, but only now has it been realized. Today I began my studies toward my doctorate.

In specific, I have been accepted onto the Doctor of Missiology program of Fuller Theological Seminary. Fuller is a flagship seminary in both theological and missiological training. So it is with great excitement, as well as some trepidation, that I am undertaking this nearly 4-year journey (1,349 days to be exact!).

The course is being conducted via distance-learning, so no relocation is needed. I’m thankful for that, only having moved back from Belgium just 16 months ago. One of the great benefits of this program will be the travels to Pasadena, CA, each year. Of course, it won’t be for vacation, by any means. Nevertheless, I anticipate some good study intensives on campus.

What’s the proposed doctoral dissertation? In many ways, it will be formed around my current work at Visible Music College. Some tweaking will most likely be done by the program supervisor. However, the focus is to construct something around this idea: How to best instruct musicians, technicians, and business professionals in the areas of biblical studies, theology and ministry preparation. That is the group of students we are training at Visible Music College, this is the area in which I mainly instruct. So it makes sense to engage in research connected to my role.

Thus, tonight I’m thankful to God for this journey I now embark upon, grateful to my wife for allowing me the space to take up these studies, and I lift a New Belgium Fat Tire amber ale as I launch into new territory for myself.


One thought on “Embarking on a 1,349-Day Journey

  1. Hi Scott – I wish you well in your new academic endeavors!! I am very unfamiliar with the US system of theological seminaries, but I was wondering however whether Fuller falls into the same dispensational eschatology that I understand places like Dallas uphold. I’ve no axe to grind – just curious … !!

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