Conversation & Food

143070391There are many things one might enjoy in life: a good book, writing, poetry, a café au lait, bike ride through the forest, mountain climbing, a swim in the summer heat and so much more. However, for me, not too many things stand up to the beautiful act of sharing conversation over a meal.

Not the superficial standard chat about sports, weather and work (though I do not claim such topics are bad, some of them even being necessary at times). But deep, open and authentic conversation about life.This happened last evening. And it happened many times before in the past weeks and months. But it did happen last night. Friends of many years bringing kids over, sharing dinner fresh from the oven, a bottle of wine and dessert.

And, while the food was wonderful, it was the conversation that truly made the evening. Recounting our stories of the past few years (since we’ve been away in Belgium), including both joys and hurts.

It was beautiful.

It was life-giving.

I learned.

I gave.

I received.

The evening ended with us all blessed.

Christ was in the midst of us.

Conversation and food. It’s been going on since the beginning. And I believe it’s something deep in the heart of God.

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