Continuing This Dream…In Memphis & Beyond

Visible Music College 2 campuses

I’ve been back just a few weeks within the Visible Music College community, and it’s been busy re-adapting to a new role as well as teaching new classes. But it’s been great to once again walk alongside close friends while also making new connections in God with staff and students as we build this dream God has given Ken Steorts.

It still amazes me to think how this was birthed in August 2000 in a small catfish restaurant/warehouse space in Lakeland, TN. I was there ripping up old carpet, cleaning grease out of the catfish restaurant part of the building, removing old ceiling tiles and other fun things. But just 2 and a half years ago, the college moved into downtown Memphis in an historic building (check out this article to capture a bit of the building’s architectural genius). And it’s just recently launched a branch teaching site in the greater Chicago area. Not to mention the record label, Madison Line Records, and the community-based Visible Community Music School.

There are a lot of passion and gifts invested in Memphis, young people and even the world.

So I though I’d share a new brief video that gives a bit of insight into what Visible Music College is all about. It’s pretty stirring.

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