No One Knows Death Until It Comes

No one knows death until it comes

No one knows death until it comes
It might sneak up, not knowing where it’s from
You don’t need dirt and stone
To feel that you’ve been left alone
In the grave, all afraid, maybe you’ll stay

Death to flesh, that’s all I know
But it’s death to death somehow I chose
Ever so close to grace by grace
Even though the pain might not feel like your chosen taste
When you slide, deep inside, by and by and by

Somehow, in this place, I feel
Like I know the one who is more real
Than what I see through lens upon my eye
I cannot shake that I may die
Today, this way, caught in a current’s play

But death must fall for life to spring
Up from the dirt or pain I bring
Hope sings a song over head and heart
A father’s voice, let the healing start
Cause death is known, breaking bones, I’ll let it go
It will not reign, it will not stain, I’ll let it go
Death, only temporary
It will not stand, for I have the chance, I’ll let it go
Death, no companion
Next step to life, embrace the height, I’ll let you in
Not keep you out, running about, I’ll let you in
The tide is in, wave and billow breaking in
I’ll let you in
I’ll let you in
It all begins
It all begins

Breathe little by little
I’ll let you in
Even when I can’t depend
Not a perfect end
I’ll let you in
As it all begins
That father’s voice
Opens a choice
To let you in
It all begins

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