Two Great Books on Sale for Kindle

I recently became aware that two great books on for a very low price for the Kindle device and app – $2.99 per book. Both are by N.T. Wright.

Unknown1) The Kingdom New Testament. I’ve been utilizing this text as I’ve been reading through the gospels over recent months. It’s somewhat comparable to Eugene Peterson’s The Message paraphrase. But Wright will be a little more theologically-driven, though the text still carries a pastoral flavor. Below is the Amazon blurb:

The New Testament for the Twenty-First Century.

Most readers of the New Testament have grown overly familiar with the biblical text, losing sight of the wonder and breadth of its innovative ideas and world-changing teachings about the life and role of Jesus of Nazareth. N. T. Wright invigorates these sacred texts with an all-new English translation that allows contemporary readers to encounter these historic works afresh.

With the insight and expertise of “the world’s leading New Testament scholar” (Newsweek), this approachable, engaging translation features accessible, modern prose that stays true to the character of the ancient Greek text by maintaining the vibrancy and vigor of the original works while also conveying the most accurate rendering possible.

The Kingdom New Testament will help the next generation of Christians acquire a firsthand understanding of what the New Testament had to say in its own world, and what it urgently has to say in ours.

simply-christian2) Simply Christian. This might be described as Wright’s version of Mere Christianity. I just purchased it last night and will hopefully get to dive into it in the near future. Here is the Amazon description:

Not since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity has such a wise and informed leader taken the time to explain what Christianity is and how it is practiced. In Simply Christian, renowned biblical scholar and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright makes a case for Christianity from the ground up. Walking the reader through the Christian faith step-by-step and question by question, Wright’s Simply Christian offers explanations for even the toughest doubt-filled skeptics, leaving believers with a reason for renewed faith.

The only problem is that these deals are solely through the U.S. Amazon website. The deal will only last a few more days. So take advantage of these two texts while you can.

6 thoughts on “Two Great Books on Sale for Kindle

  1. Funny, but from what I hear from some younger theological students, they are beginning to see the shine wearing off of old Tom Wright! His early stuff on the NT authority is okay, but his later NT studies are showing his great independence from classic Anglican and NT orthodoxy! Btw, check out William Barclay’s old NT, so-called translation, much better in my opinion! 🙂

    • Robert –

      I will add that, while many are super-fans of Wright, though I think he has much to offer in the studies of New Testament theology, I would not consider myself a “groupie”. I also know, at times, Wright goes overboard with comments against dispensational time thinking (which has pervaded American evangelicalism) and the politico-religious problems in the US, I think one has to recognize that he has much to offer.


      • Yes, I must confess as a one-time fan of Wright, he has fallen both theologically and politically for me! And after being and living in the USA for several years, Wright is simply wrong about American theology! He is really liberally minded at heart, and certainly NOT an historical-creedal Anglican!

      • Robert –

        Not wrong about some sectors of American evangelicalism. And the charge of being both liberal and not an historical-creedal Anglican. Wow!

      • And Scott, that charge is not just mine alone, but has been around for sometime toward Wright! He has never been a classic historical Anglican really. Note at one time he preferred the aspect of being an “Open Evangelical”, which is actually more of an English (Brit) thing. But that appears to have run its course to some degree?

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