Jack Bauer Returns to TV


Can you believe it?!

Jack is Back!

According to Fox, the show 24 is hitting the tv screens once again in May 2014, for a 12-episode mini-series.

Fox reports:

Fox programming chief Kevin Reilly said creators had been thinking about doing a movie with the original cast. But when Fox announced it was interested in doing a big event miniseries, they realized it was the perfect format.

“They always had this idea of maybe someday doing a feature film,” he said. “I think they all agreed 24 being compressed into two hours is not 24.”

Sutherland said he was excited to see his character return to TV.

“The response to ‘24’ is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before,” Sutherland said in a statement. “To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend. The story ideas from [producer] Howard Gordon are exciting and fresh, and will not disappoint…Make no mistake, my goal is to knock your socks off.”

This might have been my favourite show of all-time. I do agree that, by the time we got to seasons 6 and 7, it started to feel a bit repetitive. However, with a 4-year gap, I think it will be nice to once again have Jack on the screen.

In other news, it also seems that M. Night Shyamalan will have a miniseries for the 2013-2014 tv season. The show will be called Lost Horizon and will draw inspiration from Herman Melville’s classic, Moby Dick. The plot looks to be centred on a small East Coast fishing village and deals with themes of obsession and the unknown.


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