Andrew Wilson Interview with Tom Wright

Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson, blogger at Think Theology and one of the pastor-elders of King’s Church Eastbourne in England, interviewed Tom Wright last week at the Think Conference – 23rd May 2013.

During the interview, Wilson put forth varying questions about all sorts of biblical-theological issues. You can download the full interview here. Below are the questions from the session, along with time markers to help you navigate through the 42-minute interview.

1) Thoughts on the new Marcionism: seeing a different God in the Old Testament (retributive) from the God of the New Testament revealed in Jesus Christ (merciful). This also includes thoughts on the concept of continuity and discontinuity between the old covenant with Israel and the new covenant in Christ. (from 0:00 – 12:59)

2) The question of whether Adam is historical or not. (from 13:00 – 19:00)

3) Thoughts on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. (19:01 – 23:02)

4) Thoughts on the Olivet Discourse across Matthew, Mark & Luke. (23:03 – 28:17)

5) Thoughts on complementarianism and egalitarianism in both ministry and marriage. (28:18 – 34:50)

6) Translating hilasmos, i.e. from 1 John 2:2. (34:51 – 40:05)

7) Why use a lower-case ‘s’ for holy spirit. (40:06 – 42:17)


3 thoughts on “Andrew Wilson Interview with Tom Wright

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    • Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t the original host of the audio files. It looks like it was originally hosted on Dropbox, but has since been removed. I would reach out to Andrew Wilson himself. Thanks.

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