God’s Mission Continues, But With a Twist

During our visit to the U.S. for most of the month of April, we were able to be a part of Advent Presbyterian Church in the Memphis area over a couple of Sundays. This is the church I grew up in, and my parents are still part of the church community.

For quite some time, as a whole church, they have been working through The Story – which mainly focuses on reading through and teaching the major stories of Scripture. It looks to make the Bible very practical – in teaching and application to people’s lives.

While I was back, they had just finished looking at the Ascension (though the church calendar celebrates it this coming Sunday). And so I was asked to speak on Pentecost and Acts 2.

If interested, below is the 21-minute video from my teaching.

4 thoughts on “God’s Mission Continues, But With a Twist

  1. Interesting Scott that you grew-up Presbyterian (PCA?), I guess this was where you might have first encountered so-called Calvinism? I have got to preach myself several times in a few F.V., Federal Vision friendly American Presbyterian Churches. Of course as an Anglican Reformed this “Federalism” is important to me. And indeed ‘Word & Sacrament” is always central!

    Btw, I have been to Memphis and nearby in Millington. Love the American South!

    I did not realize you were so young! Perhaps I am older than your parents? 😉

  2. Robert –

    Actually, I would say I was more officially converted to Christ at the age of 17 in my last year of high school. It was in university that I began to study things and became aware of Calvinism. I also studied at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Yes, I am only 33 years old. You would have known how young looking I am if you had read the About Me page of the blog. 🙂

    • “Officially converted”… Is this part of your Presbyterian upbringing? Friendly question! Damn, I got thirty-years on you! 😉

      I know my share of theolog’s in/from Roman Catholicism. My great Aunt was a Mother Superior with the Carmelite’s also, a great woman of God, and loved Christ profoundly! So what kind of doctorate? Btw, I am glad my first degree was a BA in Philosophy from a Roman Catholic college, I still respect some of the older, or I should say 20th century Catholic theologians. De Lubac, Von Balthasar. And I love Karl Rahner’s book on The Trinity, his statement on the Economic and Immanent Trinity is still central! Though on the Christian life, he’s a liberal sadly! Also I like the Catholic scripture-scholar, Joseph Fitzmyer! (Though of course I cannot follow his “Catholic” Pauline doctrine). Indeed my list of Catholic guys is long!

      Best on your doctorate!

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