What Is the Gospel?

Below is a video interview (a little lengthier than we like these days at 13:16) in the which the Evangelical Alliance engages with N.T. Wright on various questions surrounding the nature of the gospel.

These brief thoughts are expounded in many of his books, one more recent being How God Became King (I highly recommend this book!). You’ll also find some similar thoughts in Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel.

Have a little watch and listen below.


4 thoughts on “What Is the Gospel?

    • Robert –

      I’m not one who advocates scientific intellectualism. As for my answer, I think Wright has some great thoughts. In short, I’d say the gospel is the announcement that God has become king of the world through his Son’s life, death & resurrection, and he now calls all peoples to become part of his new creation project in Jesus.

      • @Scott: I used to like Wright somewhat theologically, but he has gone his own way these days, and does advocate a kind of “Scientific Intellectualism”, of course in my opinion. Perhaps some biblical theolog’s who have the time will take Wight to task in writing and theology! Btw Cornelis Venema has done so a bit on Wright’s New Perspective of Paul, in his book: The Gospel Of Free Acceptance In Christ (noting chapter 5), with a critical assessment in chapter 6. But the whole book by Venema is a grand defense of the Reformational & Reformed Gospel! A must read for those who care!

        Concerning the NT Biblical Gospel of God, we simply cannot overlook what Paul calls the “kerygma” (Gk). i.e. the message of the Gospel itself! “It pleased God, says Paul, “by the foolishness of the “kerygma” (message of/in preaching) to save them that believe.” (1 Cor. 1: 21) And of course this message of the Gospel is Christ Himself and His: Death, Resurrection & Ascension! The latter is the lost important aspect today! For “Christ Jesus”, as the Glorified-Man (God-Man), on the Throne of Grace & Glory, is the One and only Mediator! (1 Tim. 2: 5) And this is something you don’t hear much today, especially in the Anglican Communion! And note btw, that old N.T. Wright is an Anglican, and one time Bishop, etc.

        Note, John Calvin himself pressed strongly the Ascended Life of Christ: The Offices of Christ, prophet, priest & king.. And thus the Mediator, Himself!

        “Whoever does not know the office of Jesus Christ, can never trust in God, nor make prayers, and supplications: he will be always in anxiety and doubt and dissimulation. Unless faith comes and shows us the way, it is certain (I say) that we shall never have access to God.” (Calvin, Sermon on Luke 2: 9-14, trans. T.H. L. Parker)

        But Christus Victor is first Christus Immolatus! Oh how we need to the hear the Gospel of Christ’s “theologia crucis”! Indeed the Gospel of Paul and too Luther! (1 Cor. 2: 2, etc.) No mere “intellectual scientism” here! So let’s get back to the Nicene “homoousios” – ‘In Christ’ we are confronted by God Himself, for Christ is ‘very God’. Christology that is theocentric! And here is a real Christian “personalism”, but again always by Faith! 🙂

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