Things Have Still Changed

resurrection-of-christJust a few days ago, we walked through Holy Week. In particular the church celebrated the Last Supper, Good Friday, Silent Saturday and Resurrection Sunday.

Ahhhh, Resurrection Sunday. To remember Christ is alive, has conquered death, his vindication from the Father has come, though there is more to be played out.

I suppose, now that Monday has passed and it’s Tuesday, it’s easy to simply go on like nothing ever happened. Of course, we know something did happen. But I’ll be honest and admit I awoke the past two days as if nothing happened this past week.

We forget…so easily.

I can imagine those first disciples. They awoke the day after the resurrection of their Lord. Coming out of a deep slumber, possibly with a bit of confusion – Wait, did that really happen yesterday? Or perhaps they were so excited at the fact that sleep was no option for the next few days.

But things had forever changed.

And they had not forgotten what they had seen, whom they had spoken to.

Luke tells us, at the beginning of Acts, that Jesus spent a good 40 days with the disciples teaching them about the rule (or kingdom) or God. God was in charge through his Messiah-King. And paramount change needed to be announced to the world – we call it the evangel, good news, gospel. Start close to home with this announcement, but do not stop with those who are already considered part of God’s people. We are headed to the despised Samaritans and Gentiles. We are headed to the four corners.

Jesus clarified things to the disciples. They wanted to know when the kingdom will be restored to Israel. And many might not realise that Jesus answers them, but he does – this is not simply an Israel thing; this is an all nations thing. Just as the prophets had foretold long ago. Acts 1:8 answers vs6.

A paradigm shift has come, one like never before. Death conquered. Sin conquered. New and resurrection life…for all humanity. And though they still struggle to realise this change (think Paul’s challenge to Peter), it finally hits home about half-way through the record of Acts.

We’ve gone through the darkest of nights with the death of Messiah and a silent day on Saturday. But Sunday announces that Christ is risen! How could we forget? But we do get off track at times. And the Spirit of Christ has come that we might enter Christ’s death and then step into resurrection life, calling others to submit to the resurrected Lord of heaven and earth.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week…things have still changed forever. Let’s not forget. He is still risen.

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