Lent: Jesus and the Wilderness

It’s Lent. It’s time to draw close to the Lord through reflective prayer, meditation and fasting. It’s time to recognise wilderness.

As the Israelites, we will come through it. As Christ, we will come through it. But the land flowing with milk and honey is reached through the wilderness. Resurrection life is reached through death on a cross.

Let us be stirred by this simple video as it helps us reflect on Jesus’ time in the wilderness:

One thought on “Lent: Jesus and the Wilderness

  1. It is interesting that it appears many non-liturgical churches these days are engaging in some form of Lent. Btw, John Calvin wrote against the practice in his Institutes! As an Anglican I have sought a via-media position, at least since I have been Reformed. I wonder what some American independent type Evangelical’s think? I mean what is the real spiritual centre of Lent? Perhaps reflection and repentance, the latter we already have as ‘In Chirst’. And I wonder if the ‘ordo salutis’ enters in here, at least theologically? For us Reformed “regeneration” comes to mind. But also one thinks of the great and carefully defined “ordo salutis” following the Lutheran ‘Formula of Concord’. But I know, who cares these days! But again, just what is “Lent”?

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