History Channel to Air Bible Mini-Series

the-bibleThis week, I learned that the History Channel will be airing a drama mini-series about the Bible. It will be a 10-part series over 5 weeks, beginning on 3rd March 2013. It looks to be an artistic display of the biblical accounts from Genesis to Revelation. The series is produced by Mark Burnett and Roman Downey, who have also done shows like The Survivor and Touched by an Angel.

Darrel Bock, New Testament professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, had this to say about the series following the pre-screening:

It is nice to be able to recommend something that has both artistic and spiritual merit. So save the date. Sit back and watch the Bible come alive.

Below, you can view the trailer. You can also follow this series on Twitter and Facebook.


2 thoughts on “History Channel to Air Bible Mini-Series

  1. I just found out about this yesterday, too. I’m sure it will have good parts and bad parts, but I’ll watch it just for curiosities sake. It will be interesting to see where on the scale between tradition and dramatic license they will fall.

    I know I will be chuckling at the likely over-the-top portrayal of various miracles found in the OT. I happen to search for and espouse a more “natural” cause for Biblical miracles. God set up the universe and the laws of physics. I don’t think He “breaks the rules” as often as we think. He just knows better than we do how the natural processes of world and the universe are interconnected and sees the big picture in every circumstance. He uses that knowledge to bring about “miraculous” events at just the right time to bring about His will. Does that make them less miraculous? No. I think it makes them MORE so, because He chooses to follow His own rules and STILL accomplishes what appear to us to be supernatural (outside/above nature) things.

    Anyway, this series could be a catalyst for some interesting discussions.

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