Top 5 Christmas Films

UnknownIf you don’t know it, I do love Christmas. A lot!

Can I get an Amen?!

This past week has been wonderful winter weather. The Christmas tree has been up for 2 weeks, the lights and garland are hanging. And the other evening, I began to watch The Polar Express with our two little boys. Such a magical movie!

Below, I list my 5 favourite Christmas films. They are in no particular order, but I love them all.

1. The Polar Express – As I said, such is a magical movie. And I love magical movies. Some Christians do not like the idea of teaching their kids about Santa Claus (because Jesus is the real reason for Christmas or they feel that it could be considered lying). But, at this point, I have no problem with the story of Santa Claus and all its details. There truly is something magical and other worldly, in the best sense of those terms, about the story of Santa Claus. Kind of like how C.S. Lewis used Narnia to wow our imaginations and draw us in to something bigger than ourselves. I believe the same can be said of things like Santa Claus, of which The Polar Express accomplishes this very well.

2. Home Alone – The first one, that is. This is a classic Christmas comedy. I can watch it over and over each Christmas and not bore of the tricks Kevin (Macauley Culkin) plays on the two house thieves.

3. A Christmas Carol – I can watch just about any version, but I think I like the Muppet version the best. I grew up loving the Muppets, and that version carries some comedy with it as well through the character of Gonzo (he plays the narrator). I also enjoy the version with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.

4. A Christmas Story – This is the one about little Ralphie. For me, it is a Christmas classic. In the past, I have been glad that the American channel, TBS, runs a 24-hour marathon of the movie over that last half of Christmas Eve and the first half of Christmas Day. So it comes on 12 times total. Now I just catch it on DVD. Everyone knows of the Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle because of this movie.

5. Christmas Vacation – Pure comedy and not much else. But I laugh at many of those scenes each time. My favourite scene is probably when cousin Eddie shows up and the one-liner response that comes from the lips of Clark (you have to hear it yourself if you don’t know it). And then there is the bit where Snots (the dog) starts drinking the water from the Christmas tree. I love how Eddie tries to assure Clark that Snots will be ok because the week before he drank a quart of Penzoil and was just fine.

Many people have other favourites, such as Miracle on 34th Street, etc. We also like the British classic, The Snowman, a 26-minute animated musical with no dialogue, mainly shown on Christmas Eve in the UK (though we now have the DVD). And I can easily watch other Christmas movies because it draws me in to this magical season. But those are my 5 favourite above.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Christmas Films

  1. I like all these, too. Polar Express is wonderful, but it carries a pretty heavy emotional punch. Saw it just today after watching Home Alone. So it’s uncanny that you just posted this. I think I like Home Alone 2 a little better, though.

    Can’t let Christmas go by without watching Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. I immediately knew which line you were referring to and can practically quote all the dialog along with that movie. Definitely Chevy’s masterpiece. My other must-see is the musical version of Christmas Carol, Scrooge. Can quote (and sing) along to the entire movie. The music really helps with the emotion of the movie, just as it does for the Muppet version.

    My favorite song from MCC has to be Bless Us All. I cannot hear this song and not shed a tear. So beautiful.

    Life is full of sweet surprises
    Everyday’s a gift
    The sun comes up and i can feel it lift my spirit
    Fills me up with laughter, fills me up with song
    I look into the eyes of love and know that i belong

    Bless us all, who gather here
    The loving family i hold dear
    No place on earth, compares with home
    And every path will bring me back from where I roam
    Bless us all, that as we live
    We always comfort and forgive
    We have so much, that we can share
    With those in need we see around us everywhere

    Let us always love each other
    Lead us to the light
    Let us hear the voice of reason, singing in the night
    Let us run from anger and catch us when we fall
    Teach us in our dreams and please, yes please
    Bless us one and all

    Bless us all with playful years
    With noisy games and joyful tears
    We reach for you and we stand tall
    And in our prayers and dreams
    We ask you bless us all

    We reach for you and we stand tall
    And in our prayers and dreams we ask you
    Bless Us All.

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