Paradigm Shift – Election Campaigning

I read something posted by a friend this morning that got me thinking:

What if the 100’s of millions of dollars (maybe 1 billion plus) spent on election campaigning had been utilised to help the poor and disadvantaged?

What would have happened? Would we have had a paradigm shift in American perspective?

Maybe if we start now, we could see some kind of change in 2016. Just maybe…

5 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift – Election Campaigning

  1. I am a Irish Brit, living in the US right now, and I was given the movie 2016 (a must see btw), and Obama, the anti-colonialist (who sent back the bust of Churchill to the Brits), will certainly NOT advance any positive change in the USA, nor the American Allies! I hope Romney/Ryan make that “American” shift back to their Republic form of democracy, and friendship with the British!

  2. Well, I think one of the candidates (only one, I’m afraid) viewed his campaign as being in significant measure about giving him the opportunity to do something for the poor. And thank God he has won…

    • Well, as Jesus said to Judas btw: “The poor you shall have with you always.” (John 12:8), and we should indeed help them, but even more we should preach and teach the Gospel to them, and all! THIS is the real essence of life and salvation, i.e. the Saving Gospel of Christ!

      And Obama? He is a “charlatan” in my opinion, but to each his own, choice and conscience. But no man has a “good conscience” in itself/himself, save by the Gospel of the Grace of God!

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