Why We’re Not Called To Think Like Gollum

During the month of October, we are engaging in a series at Cornerstone on our identity in Christ – Who are we? What has God done for us and in us?

These are extremely important questions to understand.

This past Sunday, I particularly looked at Paul’s words in Romans 5:20-6:14.

Watch this short clip from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and then read on.


I think many Christians find themselves in that place – an inner turmoil of two voices warring against one another. I know because that was me as a young Christian. But I also don’t believe this is what God desires for us.

God has done an immensely powerful work within us and his declaration over our lives is quite contrary to this Gollum-like lifestyle.

Rather than write much more here, if interested, I would encourage you to listen to my thoughts from this past Sunday. You can download it from our podcast or iTunes, but you can also listen by clicking on the audio icon below.


One thought on “Why We’re Not Called To Think Like Gollum

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